My Chicago Marathon Spotify Playlists

 chicago marathon

Few days until the marathon and you know what that means: nervousness, eating, and getting pumped up. Getting pumped cannot happen without a ballin’ playlist. What songs will you be listening to?  I’ll be updating these throughout the weekend but take a look and let me know of any suggestions :)

My Training/Marathon Playlist:

Playlist for Mile 25:

Wish me luck! I’ll need it!

30 Before 30

30 before 30

I know that when I’m writing this I have just over 3.5 years to finish this but I think that long term goals are good to have. I also included overall goals that are not as quantifiable, but to remind myself to do no evil.

  1. Read 150 books (including finishing Harry Potter, finally)
  2. Get promoted to a management position
  3. Work abroad
  4. Visit Australia and shake hands with a kangaroo
  5. Move to another major city (Los Angeles May 1, 2013)
  6. Skydive
  7. Write a blog post at least once a week
  8. Go to a Cubs/Blackhawks game in an away city
  9. Start snowboarding again
  10. Learn to surf
  11. Run a marathon (Registered for the 2013 Chicago Marathon!)
  12. Take creative and/or business writing courses
  13. Take a graphic design class so I can pretty up this site more
  14. Improve my French skills
  15. Visit Yellowstone
  16. Get a Moped & sidecar with my cat Jack Bauer
  17. Buy a crockpot and learn to make chili and pot roast
  18. Make 10 pieces of jewelry
  19. Took me 3 years for ~1,000 twitter followers. Think I can do 1500 more in the next 3.5 for a total of 2500 followers. Follow me @kristinanette :)
  20. Grow 3 plants that you can eat
  21. Learn to bake cupcakes and determine which recipe is a favorite
  22. Take an interesting picture a day and share
  23. Knit a full scarf
  24. Win an award at work or for something work related
  25. Give a random broke college kid $50
  26. Get on Google Street View
  27. Either attend the pingxi lantern festival in Taiwan or organize one myself
  28. TBD (plenty to time to add more)
  29. TBD
  30. TBD

I tried to keep the top 30 quantifiable, so the following below are included as long term goals and reminders for myself.

  • Don’t freak out about turning 30
  • Keep the Tweet and girl on girl hate to a minimum
  • After unfriending 100 people, if facebook is still stressful, leave it. It’s not worth it.
  • Don’t get fat on In N Out Burger in California.

Basically, I want to be great, and I think that these will help me get there. Just like one of my favorite characters, Christina Yang:

good is not enough, kristina nette